Case studies & projects 
Grew up in Devon, Studied Design at Bath before moving to London
Worked as a freelance designer for three years in print, branding & web
Cycled from Barcelona to Berlin (and more) in 2013

Landed my first Product/tech job at a fintech startup in 2015 –JudoPay
Took a General Assembly UX course in 2016 to learn the basics 
Got a job as Design Lead for Wercker CI/CD platform
Maintined their Product. Created Systema, a design system for DevOps
Started to learn how to code

Oracle acquired Wercker to help drive their vision to be developer-first
Worked on some fun internal projects: Tribou & Speedle 
Sr Designer for API Gateway on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 
Helped redesign and refactor the OCI library using the Redwood library

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